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Cat Sitting Seattle

While you're away on a trip or busy at work, Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Services will:

If you'd like, we can also provide the following services to give you peace of mind while you're away from your home:

Our rates for Cats are:

Keep us in mind when planning your next vacation! It won't be very relaxing to plan a great getaway and then remember at the last minute that you have to provide a cat sitter seattle for your beloved feline. For a big, important trip, make sure to schedule us in advance. Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Services' schedule is usually open to accomodate you, but you wouldn't want to get left without a cat sitter and have to stress out later. Call us today for availability and then go have fun on vacation, knowing you've got the best in in-home cat care for your kitty. We can book well in advance so you can too!

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